Piotr Lato & Patrick Talesfore, Jr.

Space Devil Rest in Peace (stylized: Space Devil RIP) is a composition-based improv duo co-led by composer/bass clarinetist Piotr Lato and drummer/percussionist Patrick Talesfore, Jr. established to push a previously underexplored format of live electro-acoustic music with no chordal accompaniment. Not tethered by any genre in particular, what at first glance could be labeled as a “free jazz” project pulls from both its members’ backgrounds. Talesfore, a longtime participant in underground music circles, learned from master drummers while playing in punk bands and jazz combos, cutting his teeth in rock clubs, bars, and basements. Lato, raised on Romantic music and gangsta rap, studied woodwinds with jazz greats while absorbing progressive rock, shoegaze, and electronic music.

The members of Space Devil RIP are dedicated to taking their instruments to extremes. No sound on the drum set is too primitive or abrasive. The bass clarinet’s full extended range is utilized through a series of pedals and processors with little regard for tradition. The result is a soundscape of rhythmic highs and lows ranging from lush tone poems to harsh noise cacophonies. Where labels are necessary, one may use the term “beautiful future music.”

—Space Devil RIP

Here’s what people have to say about Space Devil RIP’s upcoming project “Beautiful Future Music" -

“[Space Devil RIP] has an eerie ability to morph instantly back and forth between polite, gentle, and meek [...] into outrageous, playing passionate, committed blast beats under the threat of doom. The bass clarinet and noise are unique and artistic.”

Kenwood Dennard, World-Renowned Drummer for Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Stanley Jordan, and others

“[...] An intersection of acute awareness and subconscious stream of expression, [...] layered upon music and truth. [...] Forget what you know. You won’t need it.”

Harry Skoler, Clarinetist and Artist for Buffet Group USA, AMT

“The music on this album is really all a part of a different and unique language that Patrick and Piotr speak so fluently. It’s not jazz, it’s not a drum showcase, and it’s also not a clarinet virtuoso album; it’s something in between that’ll leave anyone looking for those qualities speechless. I would really recommend Beautiful Future Music to genre fence-sitters, spiritual seekers, aspiring instrumentalists, and, more specifically, musicians that consider themselves intelligent.”

Nishad George, Indian Heavy Metal Guitarist for The Offering & GENITORTURERS

Patrick Talesfore, Jr. exclusively uses:
Paiste Cymbals Promark Sticks and Accessories Evans Drum Heads 247 Drums Music Nomad Care

Piotr Lato prefers:
Rico Reeds by D'Addario Buffet-Crampon Clarinets Applied Microphone Technology Pedaltrain CIOKS Power Supplies TC Electronic Suhr Technologies Aguilar Amplification